The Science of Getting Rich: Century Old Tips & Advice Still Relevant Today


Wallace D. Wattles wrote “The Science Of Getting Rich” back in 1910, and despite the fact that our world today barely resembles what Mr Wattles knew, his messages are still just as valid in 2014 as they were the day he wrote them. 

The Science Of Getting Rich

If you don’t read any other book this decade on financial prosperity, you must read “The Science of Getting Rich.”  The Science of Getting Rich is a great (short) book which was written by Wallace D. Wattles back in 1910. It provides a basic roadmap teaching on how anyone can become financially free.

I will briefly share with you the major points of the book in this article.

The book starts off discussing how there are:

  • Smart people that are rich, and
  • Blockheads that are rich
  • Intellectually brilliant people that are rich, and
  • Mentally slothful people that are rich
  • Big spenders that are rich, while
  • Many frugal people remain in poverty

The authors point in making these observations is to note that riches are not contributable to luck, the right family, or the right neighborhood; but something else.

This article will recap the basic principles taught in “The Science of Getting Rich,” so that you can start practicing the science today, even if you’re a blockhead.

Here are the 4 major principles that the book teaches:

Principle # 1 – Visualization and Thought Control

“Greatness is attained only by the thinking of great thoughts.”

The book tells you to take time daily to visualize what you want in great detail. The book states: …”do not do this as a mere dreamer or castle builder…,” but you must do it in faith knowing that your vision is going to become a reality.

The book requests that you do this whenever you have spare time throughout your day. It also asks that you be very specific and detailed in your visualizations.

My commentary: I recommend that you think about specific pre-meditated events that you want to occur in your life, and try to visualize them for at least 30 minutes a day.  You have to pre-play your future.  This will provide you with the motivation needed to accomplish your vision.  Motivation is the fuel to any destination you want to reach.

You have to see it, before you can have it.  As it is written, “without a vision, the people perish.”

Principle # 2 – Right Action

“Every day is either a success or a failure, and if every day is a success, you cannot fail to get rich.”

The book states that you should give 100 percent effort in your daily actions, and tells you to complete an honest day’s work every day. However, the book also states that you should never over work, because it’s not the number of items that you complete, but the importance of each item that matters.  If you complete enough important items you will succeed.

My commentary: Whatever your goal, be sure to give 100 percent effort towards it every day.  Complete the items that are sure to take you to your goal, postpone the busy work.

Never let a day go by without getting closer to the goals that you want to achieve!

If you have “a passion” to achieve a goal, then you have the power to achieve it.  Passion is power.

Principle # 3 – Avoid Bad News

“If you want to become rich, you must not make a study of poverty.  Things are not brought into being by thinking about their opposites.”

The book says you should diligently avoid all bad news.

My commentary: Avoid all negative media, videos, TV and movies showing poverty, doom, gloom and lack; you should also avoid conversations that include the above mentioned.  There is no reason to fill you mind with all of the negativity in the media.  Garbage in, garbage out!  You will become what you constantly give your attention to.  I recommend you give your attention to what you want to become, and to avoid that in which you do not want to become.

The book says that you should only talk of prosperity and the great possibilities when you speak.  Speaking of lack and poverty only hinder your ability to create prosperity…

Principle # 4 – Gratitude

“…faith is born of gratitude.  The grateful mind continually expects good things, and expectation becomes faith.”

Finally, the book states that you must remain in a state of gratitude at all times; for everything that you have.

My commentary: Always speak, think and feel grateful throughout your day for all of the “good” that’s in your life.  Place things in your environment which remind you to be grateful.  A grateful heart will attract great things.

These are the four principles taught in the Science of Getting Rich, memorize them, and put them into action; they will change your life.

This review originally appeared on as a guest post by Mr Self Development. Mr Self Development is a motivational website that aims to give tips to help you succeed with your goals. You can read more of his articles here

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