Wealth Creation Alliance – Is It Too Good To Be True?

It’s easy to understand how people were drawn to the Wealth Creation Allowance. Offering buy ins at as little as $2.00 with returns at over 160% it seems like a relatively low risk investment. Gene Wolff explains below how he could tell that the offer was too good to be true.

Wealth Creation Alliance Scam Review

Just days after the Zeek Rewards collapse Blaine Williams and Paul Skulitz launched Wealth Creation Alliance.

Accepting investments of $2 and guaranteeing a ROI of $3.25 per investment made with the company (an effective 162% ROI), Wealth Creation Alliance managed to rack up an alleged 20,000 investors in just three short weeks.

The most irritable part about this new ponzi scheme is how fast it sprouted and also how fast it changed. Just recently Wealth Creation Alliance changed there business name to World Consumer Alliance. MM, this was due to the amount of people yelling scam on the itnernet. So naturally they changed there business name in hope that no one would notice. Atleast no one new.

These brand new system or business model was created on the basis it would recoup all the lost affiliates that went astray after zeekrewards got shut down and labeled a ponzi scheme by the FDA.

Having to change the name of your blatant Ponzi scheme because some guy used the same company name a few years ago to run some other scam? Priceless.

Wealth Consumer Alliance Scam

Williams then went on to introduce the new company name, “World Consumer Advocates Scam”, which is notably different to the new name that appears on the WCA website, that being World Consumer Alliance.

I’m not particularly sure which new name WCA are going to settle on so for now I’ll go with the name on the website, ‘World Consumer Alliance Scam’.

Watch out for Wealth Consumer Advocated Scam!

Getting back to William’s reasoning behind the name change, I too have no idea who Chuck Hughes is but note that the cited abundance of scam reports behind the name change to be somewhat ironic.

When WCA first launched, they did so guaranteeing a 162% on all $2 investments made with the company:Personally when i across owners who apparently have been involved with ponzi schemes before, your more than likely gonna run across it again. Most times in marketing you will get blatant BS marketing tactics to get you into the system, upon which alot of things then change after. If you could count up all the SCAM reports combined, well im sure you could make your own judgements on this system.  For a more thorough investigation on the rest of this article please visit www.BehindMLM.com

Gene Wolff is a marketing guru who blogs about how to make money online (legitimately). You can read more of his articles here

How do you check if an offer is genuine or not?


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